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DIY Ornament, Keychain, Knick Knack







So, how to Do It Yourself, economical and inexpensive knick knack, ornament, charm, or gift.

So, over the kids spring break , we decided to make gifts for people. The little girls wanted to make a charm bracelet and necklace for their mom, for her birthday. So we went on pinterest and saw a picture of a silver painted pendant with a child’s finger print, you saw it too right?? 

Well the directions were pretty vague, so I messed this up twice. It was either too much water, or too little of water. And then I figured it out. So, the very first picture above with the recipe, is not mine. I found it on pinterest. It just made it easier to post this. So I do not take credit for that photo. 

So with that said, Here is how we began this journey:

What you will need:

Mixing bowl





First: Add all the ingredients in the bowl and stir until dough consistency.

Second: Sprinkle flour on the counter so you can mold your dough.

Third: Mold you charm and put a head pin in if you want a charm, or a keychain finding in for a keychain, or a headpin to make an ornament. Your choice.

Fourth : Put molded and sculpted item onto a baking sheet non-greased.

Fifth : Place baking sheet carefully in oven, on 250 degrees F, for 2 hours or until hardened.

Sixth : Let the items cool to touch.

Seventh: Paint 🙂


Above I just crafted a MMA Glove by hand by staring at a picture of a glove. It wasn’t too hard. After I baked it I then carefully painted it to be a keychain, in the pictures you see my finished product without the gloss.

This really made for a fun project, easy, inexpensive and time consuming. I recommend doing this with your kids or kids you watch. It makes for a fun, no tv activity.