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Crayola Crayon Wreath DIY

Crayola Crayon Wreath DIY

This one was made for my daughter’s Teacher for Christmas , Dec. 2012
The items I used, for the size I made, are below. It will depend on your own choice of size. I say buy extra crayons and return the ones not used, or buy I big pack and save the rest for future activities, or to melt down 🙂
Items used on the wreath featured:
Spare card board
Exacto Knife
Curling ribbon
Hot Glue or Tacky Glue
Fruit bowl (optional)
Morton salt bottle (optional)

Okay, so first you get a spare piece of cardboard , or foam tag board. I used a fruit bowl , and put it top down and lightly traced it to make the size of the wreath.
Second I grabbed my salt package, it doesn’t matter if empty or full. I put it in the center of my first tracing, and lightly traced the salt container.
Third, I grabbed my exacto knife and cut the second circle out, thus creating the wreath.
Now, grab your crayons, and space them how you want on the wreath. I put the salt container in the middle to help with my evenness and spacing. You can choose your color order, (I’m OCD so it was color cordinated , haha) how close or far to space them.
After you have all your crayons laid out, start gluing them down. Once they are glued, let dry for 1-2 mins.
Before you attach your bow, add your curling ribbon in desired place and lightly curl.
Attach your bow, I chose the bottom.
After that, Attach ribbon at the top to hang it later on.
And BAM BABY, You are done. 🙂
I used 3, 24 count boxes of Crayola Crayons. But I didn’t use all of them, and I set my extras to the side for another use.
My daughter’s teacher loved it! And you can even make on for your Daycare providers, Your house, a play room. Makes a fun project to do with your kids for any holiday or teacher birthday!
Enjoy please post pics if you makes one!

** This idea was not though of by myself, I was inspired by a photo I ran upon on pinterest. All I did was recreate my own version 🙂 **