Flowers clips of all kinds 

I make flowers of all kinds . We have sports flower clips , character flower clips and USO flower clips . Each clip is handmade and is sold for$6 each .   





Tutu Bow Holders 

As of lately I’ve been addicted to making tutu bow holders . They are really fun, pretty and easy to use . These are just a few of what I have done lately . All tutu holders can be customized and ordered by emails .  


For all my Pet Enthusiasts!

.Do you love your pet as much as you should??

I know I hate spending money on a pet, but when it’s handmade and customizable, why not?

Jerry creates everything and accepts custom orders, I can’t wait to see what else he has in store! HAha, get it?? I crack myself up.

Stop by and see what he can do for your pet and you!



Hello all,

I have been absent for quite a while. Staying off online and actually selling in person. Which has now allowed me to open a second virtual store. I will be adding products and revamping both this new store and my Etsy, so I may reach more people.

Any other moms heard of store envy? Or how it works? Please do share!

Talk to you soon!

Flower or Pin wheel Bows

I am trying out more abstract or harder designs and styled bows. For these ones, I tried like a flower or pin wheel style. They actually came out super cute for being the first ones I tried out. What do you think?

Have you tried any different styles. I am trying many more as I am growing bored with just plain old bows. 

Check it out ❤


New Earring Display !!

So, at my last craft fair I seen different sorts of earrings displays, and was on the hunt for one. Well, I finally found the cutest one, and at the flea market none the less. I was excited to find them, it was a little steep for what it is, for the flea market, but a steal none the less. I have been storing it in the corner for months waiting to use it. And today I finally started hanging them. I have them by styles and gold or silver. 

I now have an even bigger urge to stay up late and knock out some new designs to fill the rest of it. 

Well, for $18 , it wasn’t bad. Cause I am a nerd like that and I love new things and being able to play with them lol. 

Here are some pics of the top , it has 6 rows, and 6 pairs a side, and it has four sides. So it holds tons of earrings. And its pretty cute and old fashioned looking, Ill try to squeeze a picture in it tomorrow, but until then here is what it looks like so far. Enjoy..


What is your inspiration?

As the seasons are changing it is time to create new pieces and to use new color choices. It seems summer was not a hott commodity. lol.

I look forward to the upcoming seasons, as with crafts it allows you to be more creative and weird and to think outside the box.

What inspires you to craft when you don’t feel like it?

Lately I have not been feeling the juices flowing. I want to craft, I am sitting at my craft table, staring at all I have to use, and I have hit a craft block. And the things I want to make, are time consuming. Maybe I am being lazy, but still nothing pops into my head, or sticks out. I don’t want the norm, I want different, beautiful. Ayayay, The joys of being a thinker. There is always a problem.

I need to come up with new ideas, but seems people want simple. Simple is so boring , and …. simple. Well, to me. Lately. I feel as if with all the competition out there, you need to be different to stand out. But I guess different and bold are two different things?

Have you hit this kind of craft block before? If so , how did you get out of yours?

Well, tonight is the night. I hope, that my block goes away so I can create things. Maybe I will switch it up. I will scraobook tonight. Thats different. Hmmmm. I love scrapbooking, now a trip to print pictures is in my future. LOL.

I hope this craft block leaves soon. ❤