Etsy Shops

Who else here on WordPress has an Etsy shop? Does anyone know how I can make a store banner?

It seems as though I need one, but do not know how to make one. I also have many more questions about Etsy. Like how to increase sales, how to promote, and so on. I know I can pay to promote, but that cost more than any of the items listed haha.

I have been networking like a mad woman , yet I still feel as though I am seeing no results. Its driving me crazy! And I don’t want to keep adding items, and taking all my time to snap the pic, upload, edit, and insert into every website. I know I should cuz it is my business, however it takes alot of time and effort and its been 6 months and I am seeing no increase in sales, no increase in views or anything. What else can I do. I just do know.

So , if anyone knows anything about Etsy, or can share your successes that would be great. Because I would really love to increase my revenue, and client base. As do we all. But lets help one another, share tips and what has worked for you. Well… We shall see. I am on the hunt for an Etsy banner lol.


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