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Crafting an outlet or a passion?

Sometimes I sit and think to myself what it is I craft for? I began crafting as a child, my mom is a crafter as is her mother. I remember her staying up making scrapbooks, money trees, lei’s and more. I was always curious. It amazed me to see her turn an ordinary object into something eye catching, I needed to learn.

She would always ask me to help her, to be her assistant. I would stay up and pass her glue sticks, offer my finger when she would tie something, help in any way I could essentially. That was where my hobby began. I wanted to be like my mom, to create beautiful things. And umpteen years later, I make it my main hobby still, and have passed that curiosity and passion onto my daughter.

Although I always wondered, what drives me? Is it passion? An outlet? Or a tradition? When I lose my oomph, I have to think about this and find a way to find my reason for crafting, and eventually I always come back. I come back to lose myself in my art and to make something beautiful. I find my passion in others response to my work, in spending time with my daughter and in my end results. I guess it is my therapy, and my passion is the euphoric feeling I get from completing a project.

I have no artistic bone in my body, I cannot draw, I cannot paint, but I can create. When you create something there is no template to follow, there are no rules, nor trends. It becomes what you want it to be, whether on purpose or by just falling into place.

I don’t craft only certain things, I try a variety of things, and always hope to learn to make something new. It is what I am good at, it is my ART. I am always down for a challenge or to replicate, or to create. I wish it was more common for people my age to do so, but then again, I never went with the trends.

What is crafting to you? How do you find your inspiration?