Who am I?

Hello everyone !!

Well let’s get to know one another.

My name is Crystal, and I am the creator behind Crystals7Creations. Now , don’t let that 7 fool you. I create more than 7 items haha. That’s just my fave number šŸ™‚

Ok. So here are some frequently asked questions, and answers so you can get to know me some more.


What will be in this blog?

A: This blog will serve many purposes to me. I will be blogging three days a week, sharing craft stories, ideas, party planning, DIY craft ideas for adults, home, or children. I will also use this to get to know more self sufficient women/men who also create items, and hope to gain a network of people to communicate and share with.

What do I create?

A: I make an array of items, whatever inspires me at the time I sit behind my desk. A few of my hot items are : Hair bows, hair bands, flowers, rings, necklaces, braceletes, diaper cakes, lei’s, invitations, cupcake holders, baby shower favors, and so much more.

Where can you find me?

A: www.facebook.com/pages/crystals7creations


What do I do besides crafts?

A: I am a mom of a beautiful 5 year old who occupies all of my time. I love to do anything she likes, and especially to view the world from her eyes. She inspires many of my creations. As she was why I started making bows, since I always bought poorly made ones and were charged ridiculous prices. I started making my own , and have ever since.

Well. That seems to sum up the basics. I am more than excited to begin this blog and to meet new people. Hope you all have a great day!!


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